About Our University
        CCU History

•   Crossland Christian University was registered in the State of Florida in 1994.

•   The mission of CCU is to provide Bible-based curriculum to individuals seeking
        a degree in Theology.  Graduates will be equipped with valuable, service-equipping
        education, character and knowledge that could impact your home, community and
        the world with truth and rational inquiry into God's relationship with men and women.
        "The Lord is a God of Knowledge" ( I Samuel 2:3)

   •  The East Coast Campus is located on Highway 50 in Christmas, Florida, about
       halfway between fabulous East Coast beaches and beautiful Orlando, Florida, with
       a mix of commerce, culture and entertainment.

   The Space Coast Campus is located on South Street in Titusville, Florida, where
      people come from all around the world to view the sights and enjoy the warm, tropical
      climate.  High-tech classrooms and wired and wireless networking provide access to
      information technology resources.

  At the ordination ceremony, graduates stood to cheer as Reverend,  Dr. Edward Green
       and Dr. Joyce Wolford entered the sanctuary.

CCU Experience
    •  Responding to teaching of the Holy Bible enables first year students to
      understand the triumphs and tribulations of human condition, and the creative
      endeavourers of the mind (soul).  It allows them to explore the
      interconnectedness of the Arts, Philosophy, Literature, and Theology.

•  CCU offers a wide variety of classes and opportunities that expose students to
    programs that help them to get involved in local community service as well as
    service around the world.
Students may participate in professional and social organizations, including
fraternities and sororities.
•  Students who have earned 60 credit hours are entitled to wear a class ring that
   displays the university seal.     
•   Each year, former graduates return to symbolize the lifelong ties that bind them
     with their alma mater.

     Unique and Distinctive

      Crossland Christian University holds a unique and distinctive place in higher   
    education.  Programs in Theology, Philosophy, Business, Politics, Law and
    World Religions have empowered graduates to research and develop skills
    and an appreciation for the beauty of diversity.


•  Orange County provides many public libraries with thousands of electronic
    books and full-text data bases for your convenience.

    Fund Raising

    •  Since CCU is an independent university, strong support from alumni, friends,
    parents, corporations and foundation help is vital.  Donors have contributed gifts
    and pledges to sustain the school;  however, we need YOUR help this year.

   •  High-priority initiatives include increasing scholarship, faculty and academic
    programs and completing fund raising for the buildings and campus projects.

   •  The Core Curriculum at CCU provides students a foundation for becoming      
    responsible citizens and ethical leaders in our communities and around the   
    world.  Sessions hosted by professional writers are offered frequently, both
    online and face-to-face, to help students develop writing proficiency.

•   Jewish History  features writing by Kenneth Hansen PhD, titled  Treasures in
     Earthen Vessels
, The feminine Side of God and Armageddon
     an the Dead Sea Scrolls.

•   The CCU Balanced Education for Children and Adults program is receiving
     international recognition for development and research.  The institute provides
     unique opportunities for undergraduates seeking a career in work with children
     and families.  Veterans have found Crossland Christian University to be a most
     relevant and  valuable place to continue military service education.

     Community Involvement

   •  CCU is actively involved in the "Adopt a School" program, to support children
     and teachers in an effort to provide supplies and help in areas of need for a safe, 
     secure, learning environment at school.

   •   Special education programs are offered to inmates in prison to help with
     studies in Christian, character education principles.

•  CCU students, faculty and staff volunteer thousands of hours annually working
     with local services, such as women's shelters, children's homes, schools,
     community centers, public parks and health department programs.  This
     equates roughly $500,000.00 in savings for more than 250 social service
     agencies in the Orlando, Daytona Beach and Titusville areas that would
     otherwise have had to hire additional staff to meet the needs of the

    You and The World

  •  YES, we need you and the World needs all of us working together.
Crossland Christian University
"Study to show yourself approved of GOD. "
            (II Timothy 2:5)
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