Work at your desired pace and expand your knowledge of God's word, as well as your education and skills in life.  Make an impact on others and inspire your family and loved ones as you grow.   Lectures, Summaries, and Exams are available on line.  Crossland Christian University  strives to stay in the top 5 % of Universities and Colleges in the Nation.   Donate and help us to bring God to the world!

Studies Include: 

Series 1 - Disciplines and Principles of Life  (15 lectures)

Series 2 - English and Dispensations (15 lectures)

Series 3 - Cosmic Ages and Theology (15 lectures)

Series 4 - History and Evangelism (15 lectures)
Programs Available On Line
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Note:  Please include a Photo along with completed student enrollment application form.  Mail to our admissions office.

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