Admissions Policy
Crossland Christian University
Applicants for admission to Crossland Christian University are considered without regard to race, religion or nationality.  The prospective student is considered according to academic background.  Application should be made on the official form furnished by the Office of Admissions, accompanied by the appropriate fee.

A degree from Crossland Christian University does not guarantee licensing, acceptance or ordination in every denomination or university.  Some ecclesiastical denominational organizations and schools have a set of guidelines required for acceptance.

Applicants desiring entrance into the Associate or Bachelor programs at CCU must submit a high school diploma or a GED certificate.  (not required for non-degree certificate graduates) 

Since the undergraduate degrees offered by the University are Arts degrees, students must complete the minimum required hours of general education studies.


All Master Degree programs require a satisfactory completion of a Bachelor Degree in the same area of specialization. (* except counseling)

Counseling Programs require the applicant to complete a program entrance interview and a psychological exam to demonstrate adequate interpersonal and listening skills.


1. General

a. A cumulative grade point average of (B) (3.0 on a 4.0 scale)
              of Master level work.

b. An acceptable two year experience in a specific area of
               career ministry.

c. A verifiable history showing good professional standing.

d. An acceptable laboratory in which the applicant can pursue
               the required projects.

Non-degree Students

A non-degree student is a student who desires no degree and takes only a limited number of courses for credit, but who is not interested in enrolling in a degree program.  A non-degree student must submit an application form, along with the application fee.


A student who has earned credits or degrees from another institution may be able to transfer credits on an individual, evaluated basis.


A student may pay all or part of his/her tuition with a check, Master Card PayPal or Visa.

CCU offers a deferred payment plan for the tuition only.  All fees are due and payable at time of registration and must be paid in full in the first payment.  The student may pay one-third of the tuition at the time of registration (plus all fees), one-third the following week and one-third by the end of the month.

SPORSORSHIP:  Church, Corporation or Individual

A student’s church may elect to pay all of part of his/her tuition.  The amount will be credited to his/her account.  Proper authorization is understood to be an official document from the church or corporation.

NOTE!  If payments are not current, the student may be placed on “hold”.  This means that he/she may not take printed material and may not enroll in any further courses until the account becomes current.


Monies donated to the school by institutions, foundations, churches or individuals will be used for the purposes designated.

No gifts or endowments in money or goods given to the school by individuals, churches, institutions or foundations will be returned.  Instead they will be used in a manner consistent with the stated objectives of the institution.


Because of the moderate tuition rate at Crossland Christian University, we believe that students begin by enjoying financial assistance from the school.

Beyond the low tuition, certain limited scholarship funds are available.  These are granted to students on the basis of need and availability of funds.

Faithful stewards and friends help to underwrite the expense of ministerial training by providing scholarship funds.  All student financial aid and scholarship programs are coordinated by the Financial Aid and Scholarship Committee.

Some of the scholarships that have been established are:

Presidents Scholarship Fund
Deans Scholarship Fund
Pastors Scholarship Fund
Friends and Family Scholarship Fund


A Student may cancel his/her enrollment in writing within 15 days of the term.  Students who do not request cancellation in writing within the 15 day time period will be considered enrolled and no refund will be granted.


The in-class program at Crossland Christian University is comprised of two semesters, Fall and Spring, which includes two series of study per semester.  In addition, seminars are offered for credit throughout the year.

External students may begin course studies at any time after being admitted to a program.

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