Crossland Christian University
About Our Students

It has been said that once you complete a year of studies at CCU, you will never again be the same.

Education should change you, but it should not make you miserable.  Studies at Crossland Christian University are designed to help you earn a degree and/or receive ordination in ministry at a very reasonable cost.  Each lecture is an independent study, allowing you to enter the program at almost any point and study at your own pace.  There is a possible 30 credit hours in the first year, which is completed by a formal graduation ceremony awards banquet, and ordination, if desired.

The second year is a more �in depth� study of Scripture as well as career training.  Studies from Associate through Doctoral Degrees are concentrated and specific in the area of your major.

Crossland Christian University is worldwide and interdenominational.  Studies are designed to promote success and meet needs in many areas of life and ministry today.  You will enjoy complete and generous programs for Christian teachers, pastors, evangelists, counselors, chaplains, youth directors and writers.  The school is registered in the State of Florida since 1994 and has corporate membership with Christian Educators Association International [CEAI].

CCU approaches its training with the belief that the King James version of the Holy Bible is the infallible Word of God, and is trustworthy, authoritative and sufficient guidance for mans life today and for eternal life with God.  The student body is made up of people from all around the world, and age is not a barrier.  Both faculty and students pledge to study and live by a code of Christian ethics that surpasses personal feelings, racial barriers and cultural differences and promotes �character education�.

The Apostle Paul instructs us to �Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth�.   [II Timothy 2:15] 
King Solomon, son of King David, is often referred too as the wisest king to ever live and he writes, �Give instruction to a wise man and he will be yet wiser, teach a just man and he will increase in learning.�  [Proverbs 9:9]

At Crossland Christian University, you will study the history of the Bible, the creation of the universe and where we are now living in the earth�s ages.  You will study Christian Psychology and understand behavior in both yourself and others.  You will learn how to be as �bold as a lion and as gentle as a lamb�and how to be as �wise as a serpent, but as harmless as a dove.� You will also know how to �Find Your Purpose in Life�.  You will study the Laws of God, the Principles of Jesus Christ and the Power of the Holy Spirit.  You will learn how the �Gifts of the Holy Spirit� operate and how to recognize �counterfeits�.  You will study writing and speaking techniques and proper bookkeeping skills.  Of course there is more, but perhaps it would be more interesting if you heard it from former graduates.

Testamonies from Graduates

Other Pastors were amazed when they saw the recognition I was awarded when traveling to other countries.  Thanks to my degree from Crossland Christian University, I am able to accomplish many things in missions that were not possible before.   (Pastor WMW)

I knew I had the position when the man interviewing me looked at my degree from Crossland Christian University.  My company flies me to all parts of the world to attend major sporting events.  I gather information and recommend areas of advertising.  I have a wonderful job, thanks to Dr. J. and the instructors at Crossland Christian University
.  (Rob)

I did a complete one hundred and eighty-degree turn around after attending Crossland Christian University.  One of my negative character traits was lack of self-control.  The school taught me good study habits that helped me to take control of my life and my habits seemed to fall into place.  Attending CCU changed my life.  (Jarod)

I feel that God led me to Crossland Christian University to study the Word of God and learn how to live honestly before Him.  I learned so much that the knowledge I acquired helped me to forget my short comings, think positive and apply myself and my talents to reaching out to others.  (Gloria)

I wanted to study, but wasn�t sure where I should start.  A friend referred me to Crossland Christian University.  At first I didn�t quite understand the lectures, but I soon discovered what was truly right and wrong before God.  I also learned how to study effectively and how to find my purpose in life.  I began to think clearly and see things from a new perspective.  It seemed as if my spiritual eyes were opened and I knew that God had directed me to Crossland Christian University.  I am very grateful.  Thank God for CCU!  (Sed)

I saw the value in Christian education when I watched the way my daughter changed.  while attending Crossland Christian University.  She invited me to attend a class.  I had lost a loved one and was so overcome with grief I didn�t think I could accomplish anything.  I soon realized that the school was exactly what I needed.  It is difficult to express just how much I appreciate Crossland Christian University.  (Betty)

When I enrolled in Crossland Christian University I had some knowledge of the Bible, but was not as deep as I wanted to be.  The classes at CCU drastically changed my life.  The studies gave me a sense of direction and as I look at my degree I remember all the things I learned and am very grateful for the opportunity I had to attend the school.  One of the things that I value most is the feeling of family that I acquired with students and professors at Crossland Christian University.  My sincere thanks to all who give of their time and talents.  (Roberto)

Other comments (names reserved)

Crossland Christian University saved our marriage.  I thought it was hopeless, but after several hours of counseling and much prayer, I can now say that I am happier than I have ever been in my life.�

It seemed that hell was my destiny, but thanks to Crossland Christian University my life was completely changed and now I am confident that heaven is my destination.�

Continued . . . .

What a blessing to go from seeing your children fight and swear to hearing them pray and share with each other.  Until I completed studies at Crossland Christian University, I was not aware just how much our life affected the children and just how much they acted like their parents.  The clich� is true that The apple doesn�t fall far from the tree.  Thank God we saw the error of our ways before the fruit was gone.�

I was at the door of taking my life.  Everything seemed to be falling apart and I could see no way out when a friend took me to Crossland Christian University.  There counselors talked with me and prayed with me and I began to see things differently.  Now things are fine.  I am happy and I owe it to the ministers at Crossland�.

I didn�t think I should marry her, even though I knew she was pregnant with our child.  Counseling with ministers at Crossland University changed my mind.  We are now married, have a beautiful child and I am the happiest man alive�.


Pastor Bill Wilson has been in ministry for several years and has been instrumental in opening more than thirty churches in areas such as Russia, China, South America and others, while Pastoring  churches in various cities in the United States.

Pastor Billy  graduated in 1985 and is ordained with the Church of God.  He and his wife minister in Lousiana and have a internet ministry called �Trumpet Call Ministries

Pastor Chris owns a business and travels as an Evangelist through the U.S.  He and his wife also serve in missions to Nigeria and the Virgin Islands.

Rev. Sederia works for a major Orlando, Florida company and has a ministry in music and evangelism. 

Rev. Gloria works for a large Orlando Florida corporation and has a Christian Clown Ministry.  She has been able to go into several countries wearing a �clown suit� that would not have allowed her to minister otherwise.  She and her husband also serve in street ministry.

Rev. Jeff played in a �rock �n roll band�, prior to Bible College.  He now serves as Youth Director and musician in church and is also a land surveyor.

Rev. Milton is a Medical Tech who is graduating with a BA in Medical Management.  He teaches and is on the advisory board with Crossland Christian Bible College.

Pastor Marie is in nursing, Pastors a French speaking church and teaches at CCU.

Pastor Isaiah is a boxing instructor, Pastors a church and teaches evening classes.

Rev. Leonie is in management for a large firm, is talented in computers and marketing and teaches evening classes.

The list goes on, but we will stop here unless you request more